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Succession Planning

Planning for the future includes not only creating your strategic plans, but also identifying the future leaders who will carry out those plans. As competition increases and demographics shift, successful organizations must ensure they have identified and are developing their leaders of tomorrow.

Succession Planning is more than planning for a few promotions at the executive level when one or two leaders retire. Succession Planning now means preparing for the future at all levels of the workforce. Organizations can no longer depend on employees spending years with a single organization waiting for an opportunity to ‘move up’. The reality of today’s workforce is that the best and brightest want challenges and growth opportunities, and are willing to change jobs to get them. This willingness to move combined with the reality of a retiring generation of leaders means that organizations must actively seek to build and retain their future leaders. AAIM Consultants help your organization define the characteristics and skills needed in your future leaders.  We also create processes to identify organizational leadership gaps and potential leaders, as well as build programs to assess the abilities and develop the skills of those potential leaders.