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Selection Strategies

Hiring the right people can be hard, and the cost of a bad hire or poor fit can lead to lower productivity, higher turnover and the added headache of additional recruiting and interviewing.  We help you improve your chance of success by partnering with you to design a selection process that allows you to find the right people for your organization.

The selection process starts with identifying the key skills and attributes your new employee must have to be successful in the job.  We work with you to analyze your positions to ensure that your process targets those exact talents and characteristics.  We also help construct interview guides and select assessments that focus on those skills & attributes.

Another essential part of the selection process centers around interviewing. Conducting an effective interview is a learned skill and is essential to extracting vital information from your candidates. AAIM EA’s consultants work with you to develop a customized interviewing skills program that reflects your unique needs and processes.