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Organizational Surveys

Maintaining a competitive and effective compensation program helps you get and keep top-notch employees. Do you know what employees with similar experience earn at other companies? Is your benefits package competitive? AAIM EA can help you determine how you compare to the market--in your area, in your industry and at similarly-sized companies. We have survey data to help you make sound compensation decisions that benefit you and your employees.

Conducted on a regular basis, our surveys are accurate and timely tools for employers to look at and establish competitive market rates and HR practices. We conduct several community and industry-specific compensation and benefits surveys and participate in national surveys as well. Survey questionnaires can be completed and submitted online and survey participants can easily access data 24/7 on our website.

E-Survey Group
IT & Engineering Salary Survey
Policies & Benefits Survey
Custom Compensation Surveys
Paid Holiday Survey
Salary Budget Survey

In addition to our regularly-conducted surveys, we conduct customized compensation surveys upon member request.

Have a question about our surveys?  Email Liz Redohl at liz.redohl@aaimea.org.